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The School of Computer Science aims at the development of IT industry and local economy in Sichuan Province and the western region, also supporting the informatization and modernization of Chinese meteorological industry. It cultivates a computer innovative team with leading status in Sichuan and China's meteorological industry. The school is also committed to create a talent development base for advanced applications in information technology.

The School of Computer Science has “Computer Science and Technology” as its first-level discipline, which belongs to the first batch of key disciplines in Sichuan Province. In the discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2016, it ranks 40%-50% in 235 institutions over the nation, with a C+ rating which is the highest in Sichuan provincial colleges.

The school has 3 undergraduate majors – Computer Science and Technology, Digital Media Technology, Intelligence Science and Technology. It has academic master-granting authorization in Computer Science and Technology and two majors for professional master degree - Electronic Information, Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology. There are nearly 2,000 graduate and undergraduate students enrolled at the school, with a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center and 4 research centers at the provincial level.


1995, Started undergraduate admission in the "Computer Science and Technology" major.

2003, Obtained master-granting privilege in the "Computer Application Technology" major.

2007, Provincial featured major for “Computer Science and Technology”.

2009, National featured major for “Computer Science and Technology”.

2010, First batch of pilot majors of the "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program" by the Ministry of Education.

2016, C+ rating in the discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education, ranking first in Sichuan provincial colleges.

2018, First batch of Washington Accord field examination for Sichuan provincial colleges.

2019, New major “Intelligence Science and Technology” was approved, and admission started in the fall.

2019, National first-class major for “Computer Science and Technology”.

2020, Provincial first-class major for “Digital Media Technology”.