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Ying Fu

  • Associate Professor

  • School of Computer Science

  • Chengdu University of Information Technology

  • Contact: fuyin@cuit.edu.cn

Dr. Ying Fu is the lecturer of School of Computer Science, Chengdu University of Information Technology.

Dr. Fu received PhD degree from Sichuan University in 2014. Her main research area is the inverse problem of image processing, specially the application of nonparametric Bayesian method in image restoration.

Research interests:

  1. Graphic and image processing

  1. The application of nonparametric Bayesian in image restoration


  1. Digital Image Analysis For graduate and Training of Computer Operation Skills For undergraduate

Publications (past 5 years):

  1. 1. Ying Fu #, Jinrong Hu*, Xi Wu, Jiliu Zhou, PSF Estimation for Blind Motion Deblurring With Image Edge Prior[C], The 9th International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP2016)

  1. 2. Ying Fu #, Xi Wu*, Xiaohua Li, Kun He, Yi Zhang, Jiliu Zhou, Image Motion Restoration Using Fractional-Order Gradient Prior [J], INFORMATICA, 2015, 26(4):621~634

  1. 3. Ying Fu #, Xiaohua Li*, Lei Liang, Yi Zhang, Jiliu Zhou, The Restoration of Textured Images Using Fractional-Order Regularization [J], Mathematical Problems in Engineering (2014), doi:/10.1155/2014/356906

  1. 4. Ying Fu #, Xiaohua Li*, Yi Zhang, Jiliu Zhou, Image motion deblurring based on variational Bayesian inference[J], Journal of Computational Information Systems 2013,9(23):9303-9312